Iron Man and Storm Skills not going beyond level 4

I currently have Iron Man (Model 35) with Repulsor Blast at level 5 and Armoured Assault and Ultra Freon beam at level 4 and Storm (Modern) with Lightning Strike at level 5 and Mistress of the Elements and Hailstorm at Level 4. I have received covers that would allow me to raise the level four skills to level five but when I try it says the skills are already maxed out and can't use the cover. Those skills have stats for what happens when they go to level five so don't believe them to have been capped. has anyone else experienced this or know what I am doing wrong.



  • Never mind I just read on a different post that you can only take each character to 13 total skill points. It would be nice if it mentioned that somewhere in game though. icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • its on one of the "tips" that happen when you retreat from a match....not a great place to put it but its in the game.I agree that it needs to be more obvious.