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ATPQ Patch Notes (09/11/15) *Updated

David [Hi-Fi] MooreDavid [Hi-Fi] Moore Age Unconfirmed Posts: 2,872 Site Admin
edited September 2015 in ATPQ News and Announcements
Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience while we worked on awesome new game additions and bug fixes! We're happy to say that the 1.5 update is here for all supported devices!

What's New...
    - Susan Strong has been added to the 'Land of Ooo' and 'Heroes' character packs. - Party God has been added to the 'Land of Ooo' and 'Misfits' character packs. - Princess Bubblegum Classic has been added to the 'Land of Ooo' and 'Heroes' character packs. (Princess Bubblegum Classic wears her outfit from the first season and has all new abilities!) - New formats added to the Candy Kingdom Tourney with varying opponents, time formats, and prizes.

What's Better...
    - Fixed many issues with the Candy Kingdom Tourney including prize disbursement, difficulty of opponents, and crashes that could occur upon entering a fight. - Fixed many inventory issues with items not updating correctly when used or crafted. - Facebook backup is now fixed and fully functioning. - Reduced the number of enemy encounters per quest. - Prices have been reduced for lower tier crafted items. - Reworked the Pickle bundles on Prismo’s screen to clarify bonuses for bulk Pickle purchases. - Fixed many general stability issues that lead to the game crashing. - Recruits are now removed after their timer runs out. - Adjusted challenge levels to be less challenging. - Optimized game loading and performance for quicker load times and better frame rates. - Corrected many character ability properties and text descriptions.


*Updated 09/15/15 to reflect that the 1.5 patch is now available for Apple and Amazon devices.
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