$100 iTunes Gift Cards on sale for $75 & Android work-around

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Paypal Gifts has $100 iTunes gift cards for $75. Limited quantity available. Personally holding off putting any more funds into this game for slots until I see whether the upcoming changes create a legitimate 4* transition, but for those of you spending money on this game, a pretty good deal. Cheers!

http://www.ebay.com/itm/281790719975?cu ... rmvSB=true

[Also, for those of you on Android, you can buy this and load up MPQ on any friend's iPhone/iPod/iPad to purchase whatever you're going to from MPQ. Just make sure to sign out of your MPQ / iTunes account on their device after you've verified that it's been credited to your MPQ account on your device]


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    While useful for players, this isn't directly related to the game and belongs in off-topic.
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