Answers To A Few Frequently Asked Questions! (Aug. 28, 2015)

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Greetings, Adventure Time Puzzle Quest fans!

We've seen a few common questions coming in about the game and we wanted to provide you with a few helpful answers. Read on!

“How do I level my character from Bronze to Silver?”
    Silver and Gold Characters are obtained exclusively through the Wish system. Head to the Wishes screen, select “Heroes” or “Misfits,” and feed Prismo pickles! Note that a Silver character does not replace a Bronze character. And characters do not currently progress from Bronze to Silver or Silver to Gold. Or to put it another way - if you have a Bronze level Finn and obtain a Silver level Finn from Prismo’s Wish rewards – you would now have two Finns. One Bronze level and one Silver level.

“My character is stuck at level 30.”
    Bronze characters max-out at level 30. To proceed beyond level 30, you will need Silver characters. Silver characters max-out at level 60. Gold characters max-out at level 100. (*Please note, this may change in future updates.)

“Battles take too long. Is there a way to speed up the game?”
    A great way to end battles quickly is to master tile strategy. Match tile colors on the game board to fill up your Special Meter quickly and fire off special abilities. Special abilities, such as Finn’s Column Crusher, can do massive damage to your opponents! Using Finn as an example, match blue tiles to fill up Finn’s blue Special Meter. And
anyone in your party can match blue tiles on their turn to help fill up Finn’s meter. Plan ahead and focus on which party member’s special ability to build up and use next in the current battle.

Another way to progress through battles quickly is to try and create cascading combos (various colors matching and collapsing at once). The bigger the combo, the more damage you will do to your enemies.

Also note that, the higher a character's level is - the harder they hit! You can level your characters more quickly by crafting 'Perfect' foods, such as a Perfect Bug Milkshake, to do more damage to enemies.

“What is the best way to earn Hero Coins?”
    The best way to earn Hero Coins is to grab all of the Treasure Chests you can during battles. Don’t let them slip by! You can see the number of chests left in a Quest by looking at the numbers (example: “6/7”) near the chest icons on the Quest map. Replay battles until you have grabbed all of the Treasure Chests. And of course, you can always purchase Hero Coins in the game shop.

“How do Tourneys work?”
    In Tournament play, you battle a series of opponents/enemies in order to gain prizes and experience points. The more opponents you defeat, the bigger your rewards. You can switch out party members, equip items and heal up between battles. You can see “Your Rank” and the current “Top 5” players by tapping the buttons near the top of the Tourney screen. You can see the available “Rank Rewards” by tapping the chest icon near the bottom of the “Your Rank” and “Top 5” screens.

“Why does my game keep crashing?”
    There are known issues with low end devices (512MB of RAM) experiencing problems running the game. We are currently looking into this.
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