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David [Hi-Fi] Moore
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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the new Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest forums!

To find out more about the just-announced game head here.

You can also follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/MtGPuzzleQuest or like us on Facebook at facebook.com/MagicPuzzleQuest for further updates and details.

"D3 Go! and Wizards of the Coast have partnered to create Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest, a mobile game that blends the hypnotic match-3 puzzle elements of the popular Puzzle Quest franchise with the strategic gameplay and expansive lore of the groundbreaking Magic: The Gathering trading card game (TCG). Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest will be available to download for free on the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore this fall. Fans will have a chance to be among the first to play Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest in the Annex at PAX Prime 2015 in Seattle on August 28-31."



  • xequalsy
    xequalsy Posts: 231
    Looking forward to hearing more about this!
  • I'm SO installing this as soon as it comes out... Haven't played MtG in like a decade (at least), but definitely looking forward to this, to complement my MPQ addiction.
  • C'mon Hibernum Creations... don't let us down on this one. I'm hopeful even after the ATPQ disaster.
  • Dayv
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    Hang on to your wallets, everybody.

    No, seriously, I spent a metric crapload of my disposable money on MtG cards for a couple years in the '90s.

    I am so very old.
  • Malcrof
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    need any alpha/beta testers? i will gladly help!
  • Pongie
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    Wonder how this will work... if the roster is made up of planewalkers, most of them are mono coloured. So does that mean each will have three abilities of a single colour with different costs?
  • Linkster79
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    I missed out on Magic: The Gathering. Back in the mid 90's my CCG's of choice were Star Trek and Star Wars so will be interesting to see what the fuss is about.

    Whatever the development team do though is avoid another Adventure Time fiasco. I urge them to do some thorough testing and spend some serious QC time as there is a whole metric crapload of Magic: The Gathering fans out there who will already know their stuff and will not be afraid to call you out on errors.
  • Very excited for this. Two of my favorite things combined. Wow.
  • Very intrigued as to how this will play.... might be kissing my free time goodbye if this is done right.
  • Ey guys, I used to play mtg in high school until college. Maybe around the same time puzzle quest and match 3 games were out. Lol looking spiffy so far but i've discovered some bugs along the way.