Can you pull "rares" from standard pickles?

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Can you pull "rares" from standard pickles? or will they always be bronze? Or, alternate question, are there any rare bronze characters?


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    You sort of have 2 rares within each draw. You have the rarer (iconic) characters like BMO and Gunter compared to the common characters like snow golems and rats, and the rank at which you get them (higher rank is more rare)

    Next you have two different draws as well. Magic dust ones (freebies included) and hero coins ones. The ones from the magic dust are always bronze, with a chance on silver and an even more rarer chance for gold, while hero coins ones are always silver with a chance on gold.

    This is what I know. I'm not sure if it's fully true, but I hope this may have helped.

    EDIT: I just got a gold Ice King from a magic dust wish! Gather up those dusts, and have a roll, lots of rolls.
  • I bought a couple of the 15 pickle packs for 6000 moon dust and got a 3* from each of them, plus a couple of 2*.

    Opening 15 pickles and selling off the characters you don't need I ended up getting back nearly 3k dust anyway so I'd say it was pretty worth giving it a shot.
  • Can confirm magic dust wishes also grants gold characters with a very slim chance. You better have a lot of dust ready when you try this.
  • I've pulled a total of 4 gold star characters from magic powder, including 2 from the same set of 5 wishes. Gunter, Jimmy, and 2 Amy.

    It's all luck. I only kept Jimmy and Amy because of the 3* rarity, but to get another slot, i currently need 1k hero coins.....
  • 1. Can I upgrade my current characters to gold? How?

    2. And since the recent update, can I still get gold characters from magic dust pickles?

    3. Is the 15 pickle package for 6,000 magic dust still available? I don't see it.

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