Sharing Rewards to Facebook Friends

I would like the option to choose whom I get to send my rewards to. Currently I only send 1 reward to a friend who barely plays. But I have 3-4 others who play on a daily basis.

There is a solution of creating a FB account of only friends who play but that is a bit troublesome.


  • Yeah, I feel like I always get the same three or so people and never get to send anything to people I receive gifts from regularly
  • +1, it isn't very useful to always have the same people show up in my list who have no interest in the game
  • Dayv
    Dayv Posts: 4,449 Chairperson of the Boards
    If the list of potential recipients is going to be random, it would at least be nice to know which ones already play and which ones you're effectively advertising the game to.