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This little tool has already helped me a few times and maybe some other people might find it useful icon_e_smile.gif

It's a database of MPQ characters, where you select 1-2 characters and it spits out a list of up to 500 team compositions, displaying them in order of ability coverage (both active and passive). If you click on the results, it will show you which colors the team has abilities for. You can also filter out different rarities to get more specific results.

It's not pretty, but I've been having fun making it, so let me know if you have any suggestions or (reasonable) additions that will make it more useful.

check it out ->

note: the results don't take into account how well team's abilities work with each other (special tiles, cost, etc). There are lots of guides on the forums that do just that. This is supposed to be a quick and dirty way to get a full-coverage team if you don't want to think about it.

10/15 - Added Red Hulk, updated Cyclops 4* and Wolverine 5*
10/2 - Added Cyclops 4* with damage estimates (for tank display), as well as the 5* Unknown
9/8 - Added Mr.Fantastic, Silver Surfer (with 5* filter support), and Iceman
8/24 - added option to limit team size to 2
8/20 - added a "tanks" display when you click on a team, also added new characters (Spidey,Falcon,Deadpool,and the next teased character)


  • Malcrof
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    Hmm,. found a perfect rainbow of 3 boosted chars for next week.. Ragnarok, Hood, PX.

    Nifty tool!
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    This is very handy.
  • Chipster22
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    I think I'll be using this a lot. Thanks.
  • AnakarisRex
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    Very helpful. Thanks for the work you've put into this~!! I'll be using it as my 3* roster continues to shape up.
  • Billigoat
    Glad some others are finding it useful icon_e_smile.gif I've been brushing up on my html and javascript lol

    Not sure how useful the "tanks" display will be (particularly only showing max level), but the data's there and it wasn't too hard to add. Thinking about adding more filters to prioritize the results. Things like "board shakers", "strike tile generators", etc.

    Let me know if you see any mistakes. There are a lot of numbers in there that can get jostled with a typo. haha
  • GMadMan040
    This is very solid. Any chance we can get a sticky applied here?
  • GuntherBlobel
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    The link in the OP didn't work, but I found this, which I think is the same thing. And it's still being updated! Very nice!

    I also made something similar a while ago, which is a bit more complicated (not necessarily a good thing). Unfortunately, I don't get to update it as often as I would like, but it now has everyone as recent as Thanos.
  • Rick_OShay
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    Very interesting tool and incredible work. What programming language are you using mostly?
    Your use of total active and passive powers is helpful, and so is listing the total CombinedHP (ahead of boosts of course).
    On the other guy's Team Builder he lists which character tanks which color at assumed levels. You have most of this covered when the team is stated having 6 actives, but do you have a way to add color tanking to yours?
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    Hello! Resurrecting an old post here. I used your website all the time for team building, but at this point there were a bunch of new characters that needed to be added. I updated the code to include everybody except the few I couldn't find stats for (Lockjaw and 5* Peter Parker). Can I send you the new code so you can update the website?
  • Quebbster
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    The OP was last online a year ago, so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a response...