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ATPQ Patch Notes (08/05/15)

David [Hi-Fi] MooreDavid [Hi-Fi] Moore Age Unconfirmed Posts: 2,872 Site Admin
Hi everyone,

We’ve released an update for Adventure Time Puzzle Quest that makes only 2 changes, but they’re 2 very important ones. This pertains to version v.1.4.501494. Android and Amazon are rolling out now - iOS is coming soon.

For starters, we’ve heard your feedback regarding the crafting prices and have adjusted the food prices. Most of them have gone down significantly. We will continue to evaluate the pricing as we learn more about how people are playing the game. Players will be receiving a 500 Hero Coin credit to spend on whatever they choose… we suggest making some food!

Second, we added a warning message for Android devices with 512MB of RAM or less. Although the game should work on 512MB devices, there are a lot of devices with extra software that chips away at that precious RAM. We’ve seen a number of users complaining about the game not loading or booting. Most of the devices suffering from these issues had 512MB of RAM or less, but were not disabled by Google Play’s system for determining device support.

Thanks for playing Adventure Time Puzzle Quest!
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