Hero Points won't download

I purchased some hero points, but they won't download. It won't take me to anything that even says I've purchased them. When I go to buy again, it says "You've already purchased this item, click OK to download". I click OK, but nothing happens.


  • IceIX
    IceIX ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 4,305 Site Admin
    Purchased Hero points don't actually "download", they credit to your account. Try closing the App and hard restarting it (double tap the Home button and then press the X on iOS6 or flick the App up on iOS7). To hard close on Android, depends on the device/OS version. In any case, try closing out the App completely then reloading. If the currency still hasn't appeared, please send a ticket using the Feedback button in the upper right of the game so we can have our Customer Service look into it.