Multiple Bug Fixes And Adjustments Incoming

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Hi all,

Thanks very much for the reports. Just wanted to let you know that squashing bugs is priority number one right now. The developers are hard at work on getting fixes in-game ASAP. New updates are on the way very soon.

We appreciate you hanging in there with us as we improve and balance!


  • I do not have any items here :


    But here I have all items :


    What is the problem? Thank you.
  • I'm having the same says I have trinkets and potions and food but when I try to go to give it to my characters it says I have nothing but it shows in the crafting menu. I really got into this game but I probly won't continue playing until this is fixed. Love the game so far though...
  • The crafting page says i have some items over 20pcs. But at the item page, it says i have none.
    Please fix bugs :/
  • Hail !

    I REALLY love this game!
    Congratulations everyone for this piece of art.
    The worst thing that I see in the game is the dependency of internet connection. I play mostly in public transport, it is for mobile, am I wrong?
    As I go through the city, my internet connection is very unstable and the messages about connection lost and server errors becomes annoying.
    I think this can be the main reason for others several bugs. I behold some items and experience level of the characters disappear in the middle of connection issues and this never happened to me while on WiFi.
    If you allow me suggestion, could you put the crucial data in cache and delivery to server when the connection come back.
    Just another detail.
    My cell phone, heats and almost melt on my hands while I'm playing.
    I play on a Moto X Play with Android Marshmallow.

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