ATPQ Patch Notes (07/22/15)

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ATPQ Patch Notes (07/22/15) - ANDROID

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest is here!!!

We've had our heads down for the past several weeks getting ATPQ ready for the big time. Below are some of the latest changes.

    - Localization support for French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. - New icon! - New Main menu background… pretty! - More help options in the settings menu - Settings panel now displays information about the game to help us troubleshoot - Improved tutorials including a new tutorial for Food... get cookin'!
    - PvE tournaments are now available! Get out there and compete for awesome prizes and the top spot!
    - Gameplay fixes include level 99 characters appearing as 100, row clears now generating the correct colors, dual-tile spawn rates, rats getting correct info, sleeping character animations, character portraits raising when it’s not their turn, consistency of characters health states in battle, grunt character names - Lots of UI fixes with a focus on tablets, font legibility, the Wish screen, the game board, the Crafting screen, the BMO loading screen, in-game store, credits screen, trinkets tab, wish packs, character info sheet, enter name field, Tournaments screen, Tournament rankings, Food menu, Party screen, Roster screen, Equip screen, - Alternate colors for rats, worms, flamebit, and flame wolves - Fixed a number of bugs related to name and date of birth entry - Character portraits now show tier, level, and class more concisely - Added a button in the Settings menu to open the Forums



ATPQ Patch Notes (07/22/15) - iOS

Welcome to Adventure Time Puzzle Quest!

- Load times reduced, continuing to optimize
- Date of Birth entry
- Fixed issue showing multiple Tourneys at once
- Dr. Worm special mana cost increased by 30%
- Heal tokens rebalanced to be less powerful
- UI alignment on tablets
- Improved localization support
- Customer Support issues addressed
- Removed mysterious button from Main Menu

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