New PvE Tournament: Survival

So not that the devs haven't already been doing a great job pushing out content (they've pushed out a ton!) but I just had an idea about another interesting PvE style tournament setup somewhat similar to the Unstable Iso event:

A tournament where you get a score based on how long you survive (the exact scoring mechanism could be number of rounds cleared or AP cleared or mobs killed...really there are lots of options here) in a mission against an ever increasing set of continuous enemies (could be just mobs or mob & superheros/villian). Basically as soon as you kill one group of enemies, another, slightly harder group appears and you must continue fighting them immediately without a chance to use heals or level up healing. This process would repeat until the enemies become so strong that your team is overcome. You then get a score based on how well you did and are able to add to that score by playing survivor mode again (though there would need to be some limit to the number of times you could compete per tournament, either # per day or simply a max number of times per tournament). Your total score at the end of the tournament (combined from all your different playthroughs) would dictate your reward tier similar to the current tournaments.

At first blush, it would seem like teams with strong heals (spiderman/venom) would dominate but I suspect teams that have quicker killing abilities would ultimately do better...but who knows; it'd be fun to find out.

The Survival PvE Tournaments could have restrictions on types of covers allowed just like the current tournaments so you wouldn't always be able to use the obvious powerhouse teams. icon_e_smile.gif