Max Level ISO-8 heal

So I have a Lv 50 Iron Man Mk.35 (4/5/4) and I can no longer heal him through leveling.

I needed approx 1100 (can't remember exactly)Iso-8 to go from 49 -> 50. It hasn't happened to me yet - but I can see an instance where it could - but could we have an Iso-8 heal function for maxed characters?

If I don't have the health packs, HP, or $$$ to buy more HP, I'm kinda stuck waiting... and that means putting my phone down and not playing.

If you make it some rediculous sum - maybe double the Iso-8 needed to max level - I doubt that this will impact sales of health packs.

I'd rather spend 2200 Iso-8 to heal my character and keep playing than to put the phone down for up to 3 hours.

I can PvP farm the Iso-8 which would take a while (but not as long as the clock)... so it is up to D3P if they want people with max level covers to keep playing or to put their phones down.

[EDIT]: Giving this option to us allows us to use it as a "last resort" option. I'd gladly use the conventional healing tactics if I have them at my disposal. Healing w/ Iso-8 would actually be a "loss" since it offers no net-gain for the cover other than health.


  • I won't object to adding in any additional features. Just make sure that the button to heal a maxed character is not placed in a vicinity where it could be accidentally activated.