Tutorial again... cant go further (iphone)


I play the game since release, so i am far far away from the tutorial.

A few minutes ago i did a story mission where i get a modern storm cover (black), but my storm is already 5/5/3 so i wanted to sell this cover (what usually is no problem).
So i opend my heroes tab and the tutorial is bugging me, that i should feed the black storm cover to my maxed storm... but i cant, because she is already maxed...
even if i shut down the app completly, the "tutorial" bugs me again...

so i guess no further progression for me icon_e_sad.gif


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    If you haven't already, please send a mail to mobilesupport@d3p.us with your PVP name and FB account email (if you linked with FB). We'll look into your account and try to figure out exactly why you got stuck. Strangely with this particular issue, it's hitting some users but not others when they have the same steps. And even when they're hit, each user doesn't just have a simple bit we can flip to get things right again. Very difficult to pin down as a result.
  • i have fixed it already.

    as my app was linked to facebook it was not that much of a problem.

    maybe some other guys need this "workaround" too.

    - deinstall the app
    - reinstall the app
    - make the 2 tutorial missions
    - go to options and connect to facebook
    - load your old files from FB
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    Hah, nice workaround. That may work in a number of the situations that we've seen. Thanks for that!