Display both sides' gems at all times

Others have suggested that we revert to the old method of showing AP when you click on powers. I'm going to go one step up and suggest that you should display both sides' gems at all times, if not at least when they complete a match.

I say so because it's actually pretty important, if you're playing skillfully, to keep track of your opponent's gems and whether they can use their powers (so that you can put the correct out to tank the damage or stun). But in order to do this well you have to check every time the opponent gets gems of the relevant colour.


  • I support this, there should be an option to have both sides AP shown at all times. There is still space in the middle between characters to move them and make space for AP meters icon_e_smile.gif
  • +1. I'd love to have this.
  • Having the option to show both side would be preferable (vs. having it display with no option to hide it). icon_e_smile.gif
  • +1 to this
  • +100000 to this. This shouldn't even have to be a suggestion, should have been shown since the opening of the game -_-
  • uuddlrlr
    uuddlrlr Posts: 93 Match Maker
    I support this.
  • Problem is, the screen real estate is already very limited. To squeeze in 2 additional rows of numbers might be difficult. But yes, I'll love to see all gem APs on both sides.

    In fact, before that, please fix the AP display when you click on a gem. I don't want the AI deciding what skill I should be using.