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Hi D3. I’ll spare you my life story and get right to what you and Demiurge really need to know.

There is a huge appeal for Puzzle Quest, not to mention for the Marvel universe. I believe you hit the nail square on the head by combining the two. I can see some really good strategy buried in the game and it can’t be denied there’s love for the source material.

I understand this may be merely a smartphone game, but if it’s attended to correctly by you guys, its a title that will be remembered as truly stand out.

By attended to correctly, I mean there are a few things you need to give back to the player base before people start to sniff out excessive greed and stop playing / delete the app.

Stop right there. I understand your staff have children and lives and need to eat, but you really consider keeping a sort of balance with your transactions and what people are getting for their money.

Take the last update for example - it’s clear the healing element is also there to generate a few sneaky $ here and there from impatient people, but why reduce 6 slots to 4? It’s a bit of a low blow isn’t it?

Again - I realise that you’re constantly adapting and fine tuning the title, but it’s worth keeping in mind the quality aspect over trying to excessively squeeze people for coin. The market has evolved and it’s worth noting people can spot these sorts of tactics a mile away.

I urge you to read forums like Touch Arcade and Pocketgamer and read the opinions of your target market - real gamers. Don’t be afraid to interact and learn. I understand you can’t give people everything they want, but be mindful of milking people. They will only be fooled once and getting a poor reputation in this market will demote you to flash in the pan / paywall status.

Win people over with noble pricing and decisions and not only do you win their support and favour, but you will stand to make more money in the long run.

Good luck. The future of this game is truly in your hands and lies in your ability to pace yourselves and be patient with generating $$$. It’s not a race.


  • I totally agree. I ranted on the in the spiderman classic thread.
    Due to the good reputation of D3 (i love puzzle quest) -i blindly/trustingly paid over 50 bucks for hero points, andI was totally ripped off

    Reducing the health from 6 to 4 is really adding to the insult.