Oscorp Heroic Mode

edited January 2014 in MPQ News and Announcements
Hey All,

With Thick as Thieves coming to an end soon, we know that many of you are currently pushing to grab that Daredevil cover. We wish you all luck because, starting Friday, you will get your first chance to put him to work! Our third "Heroic Mode" (centered around the Oscorp chapter) will be ready to start!

For those new to the game, Heroic Modes are challenging versions of the Prologue that call on players to win using a limited set of characters, including Daredevil!

The rewards in this Heroic Mode are geared heavily towards progression so we've disabled some of the balancing that helps players catch up with the pack and greatly turned up the number of replays you get per missions.

We've also heard your feedback that the more expensive boosts are making the extra-tough missions impossible so we've taken care to make them available as mission and progression rewards in the event. There's a lot of Iso-8 up for grabs too. We've had a lot of fun building this event, we hope you enjoy it as well!