Game crashes when Moonstone

I'm on android and whenever I play someone using Moonstone, or even use her the app crashes for me. Also the picture for Moonstone is just a strange purple block for me. Occasionally the tiles will even glitch and disappear.


  • Have you updated the game from Google Play Store? Maybe try to reinstall if you have and it didn't help.
  • IceIX
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    Sounds like you're trying to play the game with an R39 version when the game is R40. That sounds exactly like the crash that would happen in that case since R39 didn't have Moonstone's assets. What Stormheart says should fix it when it pushes you to R40. Make sure that when you start up the game that it says R40 on the title screen. If that doesn't fix it, please use the feedback form in the upper right corner of the game and put in what data may be helpful to us tracking the issue down.