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Avengers vs Ultron event info

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We’re launching a brand new feature that lets you and your alliance team up against a major boss character! In Avengers vs Ultron, you and your alliance will work together to stop Ultron and his Sentries from destroying humanity.

Alliance Gameplay
In order to enjoy this event, you’ll need to join or start an alliance.

Please be careful when switching alliances before this event. Before you start playing, you’ll be asked if you want to play this event with your current alliance members:
This event is for 20 players. If you join a new alliance, and 20 people are already playing under that alliance’s name, you’ll start a new event by yourself and won’t be able to play with your current alliance. When you join the event, we recommend posting in alliance chat so new alliance members know how full the event is. If you are a commander of your alliance and your leaderboard has 20 members, consider making your alliance private so no one accidentally tries to join a full event. This is very important.

Event Structure
This event takes place across two Chapter buttons, “Avengers vs. Ultron” and “Ultron Prime”.

In the Avengers vs Ultron Chapter, you’ll see a large Ultron mission pin surrounded by five Survival mission pins:
In the large mission pin, you’ll compete against Ultron. After this match,
  • Ultron’s health at the top will go down based on the amount of damage you and your alliance does to him, even if you lose the match.
  • This mission pin will enter cooldown for 8 hours or until you beat one of the surrounding mission pins.
To reset the cooldown immediately, you’ll need to beat one of the Survival missions surrounding the large pin. In these missions, you’ll need members of the Avengers on your roster to beat Ultron’s Sentries. If a mission requires Hawkeye, you can use any version of Hawkeye you have in your roster.

Once your alliance defeats Ultron by depleting his health bar, his health will reset and you’ll unlock a new mission in the Ultron Prime chapter against: Ultron Prime! There are 8 missions in the Ultron Prime chapter. You and your alliance will work together to complete as many missions as you can against Ultron Prime!

Enemy types
In the Avengers vs Ultron, you’ll fight against Ultron, Ultron’s Sentries and Ultron Prime.

The large mission pin is a fight against Ultron. Ultron doesn’t swap tiles, and has no active Powers. Instead, during his turn, a tile in the top row becomes a Drop tile, and then the bottom row of tiles explode. If the Drop tile reaches the bottom row, it will detonate, causing damage to your entire team. Remove these tiles from the board through matching or abilities to avoid this damage! Ultron also cannot be stunned, so the only thing that can stop him from creating more Drop tiles and destroying the bottom row is if you defeat him.

Ultron Sentries
The pins surrounding Ultron feature fights against Ultron’s Sentries. Ultron Sentries can match tiles, but only have Passive abilities. When fighting an Ultron Sentry, when a new tile is added to the board, there is a chance it could become an enemy Strike, Protect or Attack tile. The different kinds of Sentries (Gunner, Flyer and Fighter) each create a different kind of Special tile.

Each of the Sentries also have an additional Passive ability which either helps them add more tiles to the board or take advantage of the tiles that are there. Fight against the Sentries to learn more about their particular strengths and weaknesses.

Ultron Prime
Each Round of Avengers Vs. Ultron unlocks a battle against Ultron Prime and his Sentries. Ultron Prime has 3 deadly abilities:
  • Energy Beams is an active ability that deals damage to your entire team.
  • Gravitational Force is an active ability that creates 3 Countdown Tiles. When they detonate, they each drain some AP from the player’s strongest color, and stun the character in front.
  • Hive Mind is a Passive ability.At the start of Ultron Prime’s turn, he chooses a random friendly Strike, Protect or Attack tile, over-writes it with a new strength and then creates a copy on an adjacent Basic tile.
Hive Mind also prevents Ultron Prime from becoming Stunned.

What do you and your alliance get for defeating Ultron and saving the world? Lots of cool rewards!

Throughout the event, you’ll be earning tokens for Ultron Reward Packs, which could contain new characters or other rewards, including 10,000 Iso-8 and 2900 Hero Points.

As you deal damage to Ultron, you’ll earn progression rewards, both from the current round of “Avengers vs. Ultron”, and from the overall event.

Defeating Ultron Prime will get you tokens for Ultron Reward Packs and, for those Alliances that reach the final three rounds, a new character.

And there are lots of mission rewards in the “Avengers vs. Ultron” rounds, too, including more tokens for Ultron Reward Packs, Iso-8, and Hero Points.

Still hungry for more info? Check out this video with the design team:

You can find this FAQ and more content in our in-game FAQ, by tapping the Help button in Settings.