PvP Gameplay Updates

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Hey All,

As PvP is a major aspect of our title, we are constantly looking for ways to improve PvP gameplay for the community. To that end, we would like to make a few announcements. The first item should be visible to those playing the game now, while the last two will be featured in a future update:

    Matchmaking has been adjusted a bit to address an issue that was impacting a growing number of users. With the recently-released update, users should no longer encounter matches in PvP that result in the player being awarded 0 points for winning.

PvP Skip Feature
    We have been working on a way to change the skip feature in order to compensate for the fact that players have been able to take advantage of the system to manipulate tournament results in their favor. The skip feature is often used repeatedly to allow players to choose their opponents based on rank or by selecting only matches they feel they can win with minimal damage to their teams. To discourage this play style, we will be implementing a per-skip cost of
10 Iso-8. This will hopefully encourage players to take more risks when competing in PvP, while still allowing them to Skip a fight at a cost if they feel they've been unfairly matched(this change was initially announced in the following post: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2298).

PvP Iso-8 Rewards
    Players will also see a change in the amount of Iso-8 awarded when completing any PvP match. As it currently stands, the player has an equal chance of receiving a reward of either 70 or 140 Iso-8. The future update will now give players an equal chance of receiving
70, 100, 140, or 200 Iso-8 for every PvP match completed.

Please be on the lookout for patch announcements going forward for confirmation that these new features have gone live.

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