did not recieve Red iso i think

I can't be entirely sure I think one of the unstable I so missions failed to give me any red iso. I had gotten the yellow Cap covereward earlier today and was able to later complete the impossible maggia mission and I am still at 340 red iso. The maggia mission is no longer on the map.


  • I had this same issue just now I completed the mission with a higher level Don and two Muscle and I did not recieve the 30 ISO stated in the description. After completing the mission it then became a Yelana Belova and two Muscle. That 30 ISO would have placed me in the top 20 is there any way to get this fixed?
  • Same thing happened to me, was going to get blue Capt America for clearing 500 red-ISOs but didn't receive any pts from that mission. Was ranked 7 on my board yesterday but am now outside of top 10 and 30 pts away from the current rank 7-8! This is really hurting my ranking and it will be harder to grind now with Yelena and Moonstone in the missions.
  • It happen to me too. I didnt get the 30 point. Right after i win the fight, a update is been apply and i didnt get credit the 30 point
  • Same for me, did it one hour ago.
  • The mission been reset. Didn't get my Iso but I guess its better than nothing. It sucks because beating it the first time mostly came down to luck.
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    Unfortunately, this was a side effect of resetting the mission to correct the other bug that appeared before that (of the first clear not having 30 Iso). If you happened to be in the mission at the very moment we fixed the bug, your completion went through but you didn't get the 30 Iso since you were finishing the "old" mission when it updated to the "new" one. We don't have any real way to directly gift rating points (since that's what the Iso is), so the fallout is that for those few (and it was a few) users that happened to get caught in this little kerfluffle, they're out 30 points. The upside is that there are more phases and more mini phases popping up, so there's plenty of time to gather more resources.
  • Managed to beat it again and got iso. So all in all things worked out.
  • falcone wrote:
    Managed to beat it again and got iso. So all in all things worked out.

    Yup, that mission restarted for me too. Not sure if it is just for us few who were affected or if it is for everyone.