Thor bug & maybe Venom


The skills of Thor don't display correctly. It shows only 100 and 200 damages in the red and yellow skills

My Venom is level 5 in the pink skill. As the wiki says:, at level 5 it should costs only 4 pink AP but mine still costs 7 AP. Is that correct?


  • Symbiote SnareEdit
    Power Cost Purple 7 AP
    Venom sends out his tendrils like a rope, wrapping up an enemy to stun them for 1 turn. The tendrils leave their mark on the battlefield as Venom stalks his prey; add 1 Green Web tile to the board.
    Level Upgrades

    Level 2: Costs 1 AP less.
    Level 3: Costs 1 AP less.
    Level 4: Costs 1 AP less.
    Level 5: Stuns whole team. +3 AP.
  • Oh, thanks. I didn't see that detail :$