PVP Color Offset

Ya know what would be great?!

Having the "in-progress" battles show up as a different color on PvP screens.

I hadn't played the S.H.I.E.L.D. Simulator for a while and went back looking to grind some ISO-8. I started looking through the 5 avaiable battles and came across one that was on 2/3 turns.

I immediately thought: "What?! I don't remember leaving a battle hanging..."

(I'm thinking it might have been one of those times where I got a call while playing and forgot to pick it back up after the call - or something like that)

Anyway... Would there be a way to have the "New" and "Ongoing" battles show up as a different color? Like the current "New/Ongoing" battles are one color and the "Attacked" battles show up as red?

That would be great so I know "Hey, you might want to actually finish this" when I'm looking at my PvP screens.