Upcoming Patch Preview - R47

edited January 2014 in MPQ News and Announcements
Hey All,

Not a ton of changes to call out on this patch preview. But here are a few of the items that will be of interest to the community:

    • Rewards cache button in Roster Management has been improved. • PvP skip button has been updated to be more visible. • Visual representation of Chapter Select icons have been improved.

    • Players now have the ability to view other players’ rosters anywhere their name appears. • Added 100 and 200 Iso-8 reward packs to PvP match rewards.

    • Changed “Connect to Facebook” text to read “Save a backup to Facebook”. • Changed “Connected to Facebook” text to read “Save data backed up”.

We will call out any other changes of note when the official 'update release' post goes live.

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