Character stat display discrepancy

I just noticed that when you look at the info on your opponents team on the screen before the match starts, the skill stats displayed there often don't match up with the stats in game.

For example, I have been caught out by Thor several times as I check the skill levels in the info screen before the game starts. On that screen it says something like 8ap for his red ability. Then ingame I get hit by that skill before 8ap is collected and when I look at the stats in game it is now 6ap. At first I thought it was a mistake on my part but it's happened a few times so it might be a display bug? Not a huge problem but still something that should be corrected. Thanks!


  • I absolutely agree with you. Why the matchup screen has different stat listings from the actual battle is beyond my comprehension. Like the skillset the opponent team has, or what actual tile damage they do after factoring in tourney boosts. After all, we use the matchup screen to suss out our opponents. Some information is actually correct though; like the damage of each skill. For what skills the character has, you'll have to look at the actual portraits outside.

    It would be so much more convenient if everything is accurately reflected on a single page.