R46 Patch Release - 1/21

edited January 2014 in MPQ News and Announcements

Patch R46 has now gone live. As noted in the preview announcement posted yesterday, the majority of the changes are on the backend and not visible to the user. But there are a few updates that are/will be visible as well:

- Buffed characters are now shown to be so in Roster Management and in battle

- Support for a new Tournament type has been implemented. Watch out for it coming soon!
- Added support for the next PVE Episode.
- Fixed a bug preventing keybindings, such as ESC to leave screens, from functioning on PC.

As a reminder, this update also includes the Wolverine (Patch) bug announced earlier in the week (original post can be seen here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2353). This bug will remain for the duration of R46, but is expected to be addressed when the next major patch is released.

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