A couple upcoming changes to PvP events

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Hi, all!

You can expect a couple of changes to the next few PvP events, starting with the second run of Ares and continuing with next week's tournaments.

The big issue we're addressing with these changes is that it was easier to stay on the top of the leaderboards than it was to gain traction at some spots in the middle. As the top players escaped the ranks where most of the players were fighting each other, they faced fewer opponents, and those were more likely to be shielded. More points were injected into the economy at the top, and they weren't trickling down. We had a number of brackets where many hundreds of points separated 1st and 2nd place.

We want it to be most competitive at the top of the leaderboard. Extra points if it's a touch less cutthroat in the middle of the pack. So we're making the following changes. As always, we'll watch how it goes and will be listening to your feedback, so let us know how it feels.

First, we changed the way we search for matches. Before, when taking event rating into account while matchmaking, we looked for opponents within a certain range above and below your event rating. Now, we still limit the amount below your rating that we look (so you don't get worthless matches), but you can now be matched with players that have event ratings any distance above yours. We rolled this out during the first run of the Ares tournament and it looks like it's having a positive effect so far.

The effect of this should be that it's more dangerous at the top, and players at the bottom can rise faster. We're adjusting the progression rewards to take this into account. The thresholds for the 175-500 progression rewards are higher, but our intent is that, for most players, it takes roughly the same amount of effort to earn a similar reward as it did before. A couple of rewards at around the 1000 point mark have also been reduced a touch since many more players are earning them.

We're also experimenting with doubling the price of shields in these events (as we experimented with halving them in the last set of lightning rounds). We want their use to be an interesting strategic choice, and some of us think the choice to throw one down is too obvious right now - top players easily have enough Hero Points to shield the whole time they're not playing, and it's exceptionally hard for others to catch up. We want the use of shields to remain within reach for lots of players, though, so we'll be watching how this affects shield usage closely.

One thing we've been concerned about is encouraging you to skip a zillion opponents before fighting one. We think most people have more fun fighting than skipping. We've added a feature to a future release that adds a small Iso-8 cost to skipping. Our hope is that it will add a little more strategy to deciding whether or not to skip a fight, and a side effect is that it should improve matchmaking (Rating players accurately is more difficult the greater control you have over exactly who to fight. We want you to have some of that control because it's an interesting choice, but infinite skips may be too much). This feature won't be in these next events - it'll be in an app update.

Hope you enjoy these changes, and I'm looking forward to hearing what you think. Discussion thread here.