All-New PVE Refresh Times

edited January 2015 in MPQ News and Announcements
Hey Everyone,

Since the Hunt wrapped up yesterday we've had some time to crunch the data on how the event went with the 8hr refresh times. We'd received a huge amount of positive qualitative feedback, both from people on these forums, and from our friends and family that play the game. We wanted to make sure the numbers backed it up though.

The main thing we were worried about is that a larger than average number of players would be able to play "perfectly" and get the maximum number of points possible. This would mean that we'd have a lot of people essentially tied for the top scores. Fortunately this didn't happen! Chris, one of our engineers, actually made this nice graph of the top 500 scores:


As you can see there's no plateau at the top!

What does this mean? It means that we're going to be running all PVE events with 8hr refreshes from now on! Unfortunately, it's too late to update Thick as Thieves (that would make things really weird as it's mid-run) but you can be sure that the next PVE event will run with 8hr refresh times.