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I know i should not probably create this but like lot of people create "suggestion topics" in "General Discussion". Far of me to say moderators are not doing their job icon_rolleyes.gif .

I created a suggestion topic about "A crafting system" in the "right" sub-forum icon_e_wink.gif and i think the discussion deserve to be more sustained. The more people give advices and suggestions, the more the discussion is advancing and ideas are growing up.
You can simply give a thumb up to original post if you like the idea, it will really help if we want to be heared.

The link of the topic is:


Thank you by advance.


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    This guy has been spamming this post in every thread he can for a week, and it has 18 likes. At a certain point, he's going to have to let it grow naturally, rather than push it everywhere.
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