Reconfiguring ability levels

Quick Q for the devs, and sorry if anybody else has suggested this previously - would there be any possibility in the future of allowing players to reconfigure the ability levels of their characters? Such as at present I have Iron Man in a 5-5-3 build, could the option be there to ditch say a yellow cover, and then level his blue ability up to 4, reconfiguring for a 5-4-4 build? Perhaps when you get a duplicate cover at the 13 point ability threshold, the system could give you the option of removing one level of ability that is already stored?


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    edited October 2013
    I was thinking of this myself. I thought of a way it could be implemented, if anyone out there is listening and/or interested. What if every character had 13 points available from the start, and the covers unlocked the actual slots you put the points into? So you could unlock all 15 slots, but still keep the 13 point cap intact.

    If the ability to respec at will seems too powerful or something, maybe implement a reasonable cost Iso-8 fee, or make it only available at max level. I have no idea what's fair or what's possible... I'm just throwing stuff out there. icon_e_smile.gif

    EDIT: It could also be beneficial for people that may want to just take points out of skills for the lower cost effect (Black Widow, for example).
  • Think this is implemented well. Strategic side. Though before the update you could tell by the lvls you could raise how for your abilities could go. Now allot off ppl will hit the wall without knowing in advance.