Fast Hero Balance Suggestion

Feyda Posts: 105
I think one of the easiest ways to balance heros that have (or had) low AP cost spammable moves would be to limit the number of times a hero can do their special moves per round or to put a cooldown system in place on each ability. Some ideas along this line could be:

1.) Ragnarok's Thunderclap - 3 red ap cost, can only be used 1x per round at level 15 and increasing to 2x per round at level 60.
2.) Spiderman's All Tied Up - 2 blue ap cost, current stun mechanics but has a 2 round cooldown mechanic.
3.) Spiderman's All Tied Up - 2 blue ap cost but increases by 2 ap cost per web tile currently on the board.
4.) Wolverine's Feral Claws - 3 green ap cost, current strike tile mechanics, but on use it "exhausts" wolverine stunning him for one round.

Fast heroes are fun but it does get kind of boring / too easy if you can just spam their abilities with no end. Pairing Ragnarok with Wolverine with the old system would often result in an automatic win as soon as you had 6 red AP and 3 green, or at the very least it would knock out even a very tanky hero. These kind of restrictions would keep the appeal of being able to do special moves without having to save up 15-20 ap (looking at you here IM40) but would put some checks and balances in place to keep them from just spamming abilities to knock out opponents in one to two rounds.


  • I like those ideas -- a little adjustment, testing and could go live.

    Under a different topic there was another great idea: use of an ability increased its cost by 1. The all costs reset as soon as opponent starts his turn.