Anyone else sorry they upgraded Black Widow Classic?

Now that it costs 16 to steal AP I tend to not use that skill anymore. I think I'd rather that I had left it at level 2 so it only cost 12. I was using the skill much more often at in the early levels. Now I hardly ever get enough AP to use her skill. Thinking about startin her over if I can get enough covers. Only problem is that her max level will be low - that and I really don't want to start over...


  • That skill costs a lot because it steals a ton of AP. Not only does help make sure you can spam some skills, it disables your opponents so that they won't be able to use any skills.

    If it were any cheaper then I think it'd be too OP, it's already annoying as it is when an opponent steals your AP icon_e_sad.gif
  • No regrets. As Zzz points out, the extra AP you nick are always welcome. There's also the consideration of leveling BW up - unless they release a new ability for her, not having a 5-5 build will mean that you cannot reach max level 40.
  • Understand that it would be overpowered if it cost less at level 5. Would just prefer that at max level it stole less AP and cost less so I would use it more and still be able to max up her level.