Please, no more nerfs before respec is added.

TL;DR: Please, please, please institute a respec system before nerfing key abilities. Only a minority of players convert into paying customers, and these are the ones you anger the most by nerfing characters without offering any way for them to retain the PVP-viability that they paid for. (And right alongside them are the hardcore players that invested dozens of hours instead of or along with money.)


While it's encouraging to have some transparency into which characters are up for rebalancing I think it's safe to say that players are more comfortable with the idea of rebalancing through buffing characters (e.g., Daken, Spidey, OBW) rather than nerfing them (e.g., Rags, C.Storm).

The ability to respec is especially pertinent to the Storm nerf, as 5/5/3 became the go-to build for a character who, if thus specced, was still viable. Anyone who'd gone with a 3/5/5 build suddenly found themselves stuck with a seriously suboptimal character. (Rags, a 2-ability character, obviously couldn't be respecced even if the functionality existed.)

Looking at the balance queue, it looks like the go-to 2*s such as Thor and Wolvie are quite likely going to be smacked with the nerf stick, as are 3*s C.Mags and Spidey. (Side note: Seriously, no rebalance for Bag-Man? Is he really and truly supposed to be MPQ's equivalent of Street Fighter's Dan?)

That's all fine and good (well, in theory) if we can retune our specs to whatever becomes the new optimal specs for these characters, but if we're going to get stuck with high-level characters that are all of a sudden non-competitive in PVP, I think people are going to be pissed. (Especially, obviously, your paying players, which are the bread and butter of any F2P game.)

EDIT: Upon further perusal of the forums, I guess you can consider this a +1 to the OP in this thread.