Storm Raging Tempest bug?

Whenever I hit my opponent for more than 20% of their life, their Raging Tempest activates hitting all my guys for 200 damage. All my guys have low life so my elemental barrier activates hitting their guys also for 200 damage. However, it doesn't damage the enemy team. Instead the game goes into a loop where my entire team takes 200 damage multiple times totally killing off my 1500 life guys on one turn.

Is it supposed to do this? This seems like such a cheap power because it often backfires on me even if the computer starts the combo. Regardless, when 2 Elemental Barriers collide, i find that the computer always wins.

Is there a ruling on how this power works? Because it doesn't seem to ever work for me. Just for the computer AI. Basically, if there are 2 Storms on the board that both have Raging Tempest, I'm always on the losing end all the time.

Please fix, dudes.


  • I just posted a similar bug report (here: however in my battle, I clearly damaged my opponents characters. It seems like I have much higher HP characters than you so it might be that in your case, the game calculates the end result of the battle (all your characters are dead) and simply ends the battle and doesn't show the damage inflicted on your opponent (since all your characters die at once)?