Revision to Ragnarok's Thunderclap Ability

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In today's patch, you will notice some revisions to Ragnarok's Thunderclap ability.


Ragnarok's Thunderclap ability @Level 1:
• Did 50 (effective level 6) damage*
• Converted 5 random basic colored tiles to Green
• Cost 6 AP
*Note that you never see Ragnarok do effective level 6 damage in game, as he is never actually at that level. We use it as a standardized baseline for ability/character balancing.

Upgrade path:
• Each upgrade reduced cost by 1 AP.
• Fully upgraded, the ability cost 2 AP.


Ragnarok's Thunderclap ability @Level 1:
• Does 30 (effective level 6) damage
• Converts 2 random basic colored tiles to Green
• Costs 6 AP
Upgrade path:
• Level 1: Converts 1 additional tile
• Level 2: Increases damage by 80%
• Level 3: Converts 1 additional tile
• Level 4: Increases damage by an additional 80% (of base damage)
• Fully upgraded, the ability converts 4 tiles and damage is increased to 260% of baseline.
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