Remove Cover

Well, what I will suggest here must have been suggested by other people, but I believe a lot of people would agree with this one.

At some point, we were all noobs in this game and did this mistake (mostly because of not knowing that there was a limit of cover for characters with 3 powers), and putting all covers received to level up and later discovering the power cap and realising that, if you knew before, you would have done different, but now you have already invested too much ISO to abandon the character.

So I suggest an option to remove/reduce a cover, something that works like this:

1) Cost: 50 HP to 100 HP;
2) The cover removed is lost;
3) Level adjustment: reduce the level of the character if, when removing the cover, the level cap is lower than the level of the character before removing the cover (adjust to the new level cap).

If anyone have anything more to add, please do it.

Best regards.


  • I have always liked the idea of removing covers but I still think you should'nt have to pay for it. I mean you earned the cover in the first place, so you should not have to pay to get it removed. It will take you a while just to get the covers that you actually need for that character again.All in all Im for the idea of removing but not the idea of paying to do so.
  • It would be better to replace a cover if you have one to replace it with, then you don't loose levels and everyone is happy.
  • NO COST! You've seen these devs change skills ad nauseum and you want to give them "money" for doing this?

    I don't get the whole remove cover. It's a replace cover. Why would you remove covers and level down without having a cover to replace it with? It's a straight minus one/add one transaction.
  • If we actually had in-game information that would let us know/plan how to build our character, most of us wouldn't have made the mistakes we did.

    For instance, there is no way of knowing that the 5th level of GSBW's green ability will change into an mass-team attack. It's a dramatic change/effect that was not even hinted at in the previous levels. So, unless you 'get lucky' and level her green to level 4 (before you cap the others), you would never know just how powerful it can be.

    So, to punish the user for the game makers complete apathy towards informing the player seems cruel(er) and unjust.

    There isn't even a prominent link to these forums in the game. Most F2P games have that right in the main menu or options menu.
  • bongo king wrote:
    It would be better to replace a cover if you have one to replace it with, then you don't loose levels and everyone is happy.

    I did not have thinked about the "Replace Cover" instead of removing. It really seems to work better as there would be no need to change the lvls of the characters.

    About the cost, I really think it should be free, but still would pay if it was 50 HP to 100 HP (because it is there saying 13 power cap, we just realised to late).

    But, when skills change, I believe the players should be able to replace covers for that character for free, since it is totally not our fault and we never knew that the skill would change.