Make shield training more competitive

Maybe every like 7.25 days award top 1000 a lil ISO or a heroic or something?

1-10 2x heroic 1000 ISO
11-100 1x heroic 500 ISO
101-300 1x heroic 250 ISO
301-500 500 ISO
501-1000 250 ISO

Or something like that? Just do something to make me interested in it :S


  • The way MMR is structured currently (ie. slightly broken), it seems like the very top get a chance to "float" away from the pack unscathed and can remain there as long as they maintain a certain score.

    Your proposal would seem to continually to favor those people.

    A better tweak would be to take your accumulated score (ie. wins) for the week and reward people for that. Than reset that number after the rewards are handed out.


    Also, you need to be interested in it. Because it's currently the most generous rewards in this game. If you reach 2500, you can rack up about 1200 in HP and nearly 10,000 in ISO (assuming you sell the covers).