King Slim (18/20) replacing inactive players

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King Slim is a very active up and coming Alliance. We are top 100 PVE and top 250 PVP. We would like to get 2 - 3 more active players to get PVP into top 100. We have a very active chat, Facebook page, etc... Player requirements are a competitive roster, daily players, 300 minimum for PVP, and a minimum PVE score based on the event. Look us up in game and send a request to join.


  • Hi, getting 300 pvp wont get alliance in top 100. just based on experience. u'll need minimum 500-600.
  • I am interested in joining your alliance. I am currently a transitioning 2* to 3* player getting about 400 in current PvP events. Real McCoy I am currently sitting at 313, SHIELD Simulator 750 and Season 7 2875. I have 7 Maxed 2* characters and 30 total characters. I am looking for a higher finishing alliance than my current one and think I could be an asset to your alliance.
  • johnnyzerojohnnyzero Posts: 97 Match Maker
    Hi, I'm definitely interested in joining up. I found the alliance in-game and requested to join and am now in "pending" status awaiting approval. I'm a daily player, early on in my 2*-3* transition. Got a couple 2*'s maxed or close to it. Have a roster of 24 and am holding off on leveling some of them up so I don't get scalled up too bad in PVE. Ares, Torch, OBW is the team I usually roll with. I'm usually in the 400-500 range in PVP (Currently 512 in Real McCoy, finished with 451 in Top Gun, 3405 for season VII so far) and I don't mind the grind in PVE. Thanks for considering me!
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