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Ok, so I was playing and this just popped in my head. I'm probably being a bit too picky with the game, but I kind of like to believe that everything is done for a reason. When choosing your characters in the selection screen before clicking 'fight', you know how you've got your left, center and right character slots? Here is the question, does it matter which character you place to determine a certain characters symbols to generate more or be more powerful? Does a character hold more dominance on the grid being placed in a certain position? Or, does it really not matter which position your character is in? Here's an example: your lineup for the upcoming battle is Hood (left), Magneto (center) and X-Force Wolverine (right). Would your game play be different if Hood was placed in the center instead of being on the left? Just wondering...


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    If memory serves, the only thing it affects is whom matches a tie in the case of tile damage tiles. Priority is on the middle character, followed by the right character, and the left character has the least priority.
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