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icon_razz.gif Now, would it NOT be hella kool if we could trade in MPQ??? I think it would be. At least, for now be able to trade amongst your fellow team members. Lets say one of your team mates comes across a cover they already have, they have no use for like oh I don't know an extra 3* Daken. Something along those lines. But, they have no use for it because they've already got it. Wouldn't it be kool if you could just browse through your roster and say, 'Hey, would you like a cover?' icon_e_wink.gif Just, amongst team mates though. That's it. That way it doesn't create too much confusion and you get to help out your team. And, I would say implement something like the Commanders having a last minute say on that trade. So, for example players who are not commanders trade with one another, that trade won't be official until whoever is commander takes a look at it and approves of it. I know it sounds picky and obnoxious, but doing this would eliminate that one possibility of just anyone tagging along on your alliance and simply straggling along collecting covers here and there. The commanders would have to approve that way it's 1. up to them (the one's who created and contributed to paying and putting together that alliance), and 2. they would obviously only approve the trade for the people (players) they trust. Just an idea that I wanted to throw out there. What are your thoughts on this?
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