How oh how in the world???

edited October 2014 in General Discussion
One thing I would really like to know is, how in the world are players scoring over 1500, sometimes even beyond 2000 pts in the PvP events??? I mean, is everyone just using the hell out of boosts and health packs and constantly buying them? Because if they are then DAMN icon_eek.gif they have got some money. If not, then how? I mean, my roster is very very good. I won't say excellent like many of the members in the 'X-Men' alliances, but dang is it really a matter of my entire roster being maxed out? For those of you who score in the 2000 range I sure would like to know what your secrets are in being able to achieve a much higher score than 800-1000. Would any of you like to share? icon_e_biggrin.gif
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