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Ok here's a question for you...

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Now, I understand how the AI works in regards to the team that is representing you when you're not logged on to play. The AI basically takes over and uses the team you last used to win with. So, how does the AI system work in regards to the team-up tiles? What does the AI do and what team-up tile does the AI use when you're not playing? Does anyone have an answer to this one? icon_e_biggrin.gif Does the AI automatically just choose a random team-up? I wonder icon_question.gificon_idea.gificon_question.gificon_idea.gificon_question.gificon_idea.gificon_question.gificon_idea.gificon_question.gif


  • GothicKratosGothicKratos Posts: 1,821 Chairperson of the Boards
    It randomly selects one Team-Up Ability to use, per battle.
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