PC interface nuisances

I only play on PC, so I'm not sure if this is at all applicable to the mobile versions of the game, but two major nuisances:

1) Purchasing packs with HP really should have a confirmation dialogue the same way selling a cover does. It's not that common an event, and it's really something that you don't want to screw up since it potentially involves real money. I just had the following experience: I get Standard covers a lot from the Hulk event, and always open them as I get them. I click Recruit, it takes me to the Hulk recruitment page, and I click left once to get to the Standard cover page to spend my token. I was moving quickly (my fault, but the whole point of a confirmation is to prevent accidents) and since the Lightning Rounds start this morning, the Diabolical page was now in between the two -- as I realized it, I'd already clicked on the Diablolical icon and spent 1100 of my 1500 HP. icon_e_sad.gif

2) When a character has a passive ability that activates (e.g. Wolverine's Heal), it's annoying that it constantly keeps switching the active hero power tab to that character's. I'm not sure what function that serves, other than adding additional mouse clicks and the potential for error (I've definitely been in situations where my mouse was over OBW's heal as the AI finished up its turn since I was planning on using it, but as I went to click, I instead hit Wolverine's Adamantium Claw which is in the same slot, since the buttons switched from under me).