D3's Right to Make Money Vs Fairness to the Player

Hunter328 Posts: 40 Just Dropped In
First off let me say that I'm all for making money. I think that if you've got something people will pay for by all means try to get all you can for your hard work. So I understand D3 using a scoring system that will make the maximum possible number of people feel like they're capable of winning top spots in tournaments if they just keep playing enough. By including a catch-up mechanic in the points system D3 can avoid players feeling like they've gotten to a point where there's no way they'll be able to catch the leaders and win anything worth their time. The more people playing the more wallets from which money can be culled.
I get it, but I have a couple problems with the system. First off, from a players standpoint it's frustrating to be penalysed for player more and for doing well. The current system does just that as it never allows you to build any concrete lead. The worst part comes when the tournament you may have been playing for days and invested hours into gets to it's final hours and you see it's all been for naught when the available missions stop providing sufficient points. After experiencing this a couple of times the scoring system quickly stops making me want to come back. This hurts the player and could hurt D3's profits. It's counterintuitive.
Secondly, although it may seem like keeping everyone in the hunt would maximize player numbers and increase the potential for profit when doing so it quickly becomes evident that the player is being given this unearned assistance. Thus the need to spend money to hopefully power-up your team actually becomes less of a need and less attractive. Again it's counterintuitive.
We need set, unchanging point values for tournament battles. That would keep it fair to the players who play more while also making purchasing covers more of a priority, rewarding D3 monetarily. That would benefit everyone involved. Otherwise more and more players will become fed-up with feeling like they've wasted their time and quit playing entirely which benefits no one.