Promote some characters

Nonce Equitaur 2
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A few characters would be good for promotion, to gain a star. Their powers would stay as they are, but would get that extra star, and be eligible to go to a higher level. They would also become a bit rarer, but anyone that has them would not lose anything. This would make covers more collectible in a way, if they can improve in value.

This allows the easier introduction of new 1 and 2 star characters, and rewards collectors. I wouldn't do *all* of these promotions ... maybe just one of each level, every few months.

1 star characters to promote to 2 stars:
Modern Storm, Venom, Juggernaut, Iron Man 35

2 star characters to promote to 3 stars
Thor, Classic Storm, Wolverine, Daken, Black Widow Original

3 star characters to promote to 4 stars (Rags, Mags, Spidey are powerful enough)
The Hood, Doctor Doom, Captain America

Character to Demote -- current levels and progress would be frozen if they are over the new level limits. They would become more common.
Invisible Woman, Loki.

Characters to join Devil Dinosaur -- covers no longer available:
Bagman, Yelena Belova.

The demotions/discontinuations would also be a minor boon for the rare collectors that maxed out IW or Bagman -- they'd be the only ones that had them.


  • This is a bad idea as most people have thor, c.storm, wolvie maxed and everyone will have high level 3* characters and newbies will find it to dificult to progress. Mabey promote/demote 1 or 2 people in total like promote rag and demote bagman but that should be the limit, concidering there are still character that need fixing (x-force wolvie) its not a good idea to change much in the game.
    P.s you put captin america in 3* section.