New characters for team related events

There is always talk of characters people love and want to see added such as recent posts about dead pool or professor X. And clearly hulk and punisher who are fan favorites are great additions to the game. Especially since they seem to be fairly balanced rather than constant power creep with each new release.

However, in order to provide new and interesting opportunities for tournaments and events, I think we need more members of the teams that already have at least one character in the game. We all love wolverine, but a 3rd brotherhood character opens up a lot more possibilities than a 3* version of the same character. Black widow is great, but we already had 2 versions of her as well as lots of avengers. It would be better to have more x-men (jean grey, prof x, cyclops, etc), Spider-Man enemies (doc oc, green goblin, carnage) or the rest of the fantastic 4 ( especially since the current one is nearly unattainable for casual players).

The point of this is to suggest that before the developers decide to add ant man and wasp (aka more avengers) or galactus, they consider not just that people love the character and it will sell a lot of packs in the next event but also how that character will impact their ability to keep the weekly activities from getting stale.