Random cover tryout event

Just a random idea I had. Every match you would randomly be given a team of 3 covers to compete each match. Covers can be from 1-4* all with exact same chance of appearing. All covers are a 3/3/3 or 3/3 with max level at that point. This would for once truly level the playing field. Every1 gets same chances for every team. Also would give players a chance to try out covers that were previously unattainable or just couldn't get enough to make use of so that the user can make a better choice as to which covers to purchase.


  • This could be fun.
  • I assume this would be a tournament, if so I feel if some one has any of the character they should be allowed their own. Also if this was a tournament it wouldn't work as nobody would run out of health and could play as long as they wanted, it would have to be a lightnig round type tournament.
  • Yeah, I suggested this a while back.

    I think it would be a good idea to give out characters at a normalized level (I still suggest 40, which is the max cap for the **** of 1-star characters), so it will eliminate any level disparity among different rarity/ability cards (i.e. Daken caps at 69, Wolvie caps at 85, Doom caps at 115, Hulk caps at 141, etc.). It would suck to get stuck with a team of maxed Modern Bow & Arrow Guy (40), Modern Widow (40), Venom (4) vs. a team of maxed Grey Widow (141), Magneto(141), Spidey (141) for instance.

    Regardless, something like this would hopefully give newer players the chance to really try out new characters and all their abilities and maybe get excited about buying packs. Much better than just giving players a wimpy level 15 version with only one ability. I don't see how that's supposed to make people want that character.