Auto-shuffle when no match on non-friendly tiles possible

Nonce Equitaur 2
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Often, the only possible match involves wiping out some of my friendly strike or protect tiles. When that happens several times in a row, wiping out my good stuff, then the opponent AI does a bigger move, and then once again there is a single bad move for me to make --- when this happens over and over again, the game is frustrating and not fun.

Two solutions
1. Refresh if there are no matches possible on basic tiles (color + environment )
2. Refresh if the unique possible match involves friendly tiles.

For the second, it should work both ways. If the AI has a board that would force the removal of a friendly tile, it should refresh automatically.


  • Dayv
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    This is part of the challenge of the game. Do you want the board to refresh if you force the AI into the position of having to destroy its own tiles? Not that the AI protects its tiles in the first place, but suppose it did...