App force close

So after 10 minutes of trying to find a match worth decent points , the game closes all on it's own straight after I find and enter one resulting in the match being worth half points and my characters being damaged. Is there any way to stop this from happening? Maybe having the damage only apply if you specifically push the yield button? Losing the points is only a minor annoyance with the tournament having so long left but the damage means I cant play until they heal.


  • No, because then you could force quit in order to abort a match that was going badly for you, with no negative consequences.
  • Dayv
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    Yep, what Zathrus said. It sucks that this happens when something crashes, but it would be even worse if people could use it to abuse the rules.
  • I certainly dont wont a situation where people can get exploit it but I would be nice to have some way of not being punished for it. Unfortunately I cant see one and im guessing neither can anyone else. Ah well.